4 Reasons Why Kydex Is Wrong for Carrying Easily and Often

4 Reasons Why Kydex Is Wrong for Carrying Easily and Often

If you’ve been in the concealed carry space for any time at all, you’re probably well aware that Kydex holsters have a big following. 

Since they’re preferred by pro shooters – and also used by most Law Enforcement – average gun owners assume they must be the right choice for them too.

But that’s not necessarily the case. 

Look, we don’t want to beat up Kydex holsters. 

They certainly have their place, and they do come with some advantages. 


For the average person who carries daily, they have some pretty serious problems

Here are the 4 biggest problems people run into with Kydex holsters…

Problem #1: You need a different Kydex holster for each kind of gun you own. 

Since Kydex is a hard-formed material, it has to be molded to fit the specific gun you want to carry. 

Now, this is no problem in a Law Enforcement context, because officers are all issued the same weapon. 

But for the average Joe gun owner who has multiple firearms… it’ll cost a small fortune to get Kydex holsters to fit each gun in your arsenal. 

If you’ve got money to burn… then hey, that’s your call. 

But for most people, it’s a lot nicer to have one holster that fits all their guns. 

Problem #2: Most of them require continual adjustment

All Kydex holsters use tension screws to hold them together – and also to ensure proper gun fit and a smooth draw. 

When they’re adjusted correctly, they can perform very well. 

But here’s the big catch…

As you use a Kydex holster, those screws inevitably come loose. 

And depending on your level of use, you might find yourself needing to adjust a Kydex holster every few weeks to keep it working right. 

Again, in a pro shooter or LE setting, this isn’t a huge deal. 

But for the average person who just wants to carry without a bunch of hassle, it can turn into a real pain in the butt

Problem #3: They’re some of the toughest holsters to keep concealed

This should be pretty obvious. 

Since Kydex holsters are extremely rigid… 

They’re one of the worst printing types of holsters you can buy. 

Cops and pro shooters who love Kydex obviously don’t care about this issue – since they’re not carrying concealed anyway. 

But for people like you and us, this is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of Kydex. 

Problem #4: They Can Be CRAZY Uncomfortable

Depending on which position you like to carry in, Kydex holsters can turn into a real thorn in your side. 

Sure, if you’re carrying at 4 o’clock outside the waistband, you might not have too much trouble. 

But try sticking your typical Kydex holster in an appendix or small of back position – or really anywhere inside the waistband – and chances are things are gonna get real painful real quick.

And when it hurts to carry your gun, you end up carrying it less overall. 

The VNSH Holster Fixes All These Problems – Guaranteed or Your Money Back

We made the newly released VNSH Holster to be what we believe is the most comfortable holster on the planet.

And we guarantee it’ll be the most comfortable holster you’ve tried – or we’ll refund you every penny. 

The VNSH Holster also fixes all the major problems we just mentioned with Kydex, without sacrificing performance.

  • Fits 99% of all modern handguns: so you don’t waste money buying different holsters for each of your guns. 
  • Lets you comfortably carry 47 rounds concealed - that’s right, the VNSH Holster lets you carry two spare mags plus one in the gun. That means you can walk around with 47 rounds without anyone having a clue.
  • Supports any carry position with minimal printing: try every position and see what works best for you. The VNSH Holster gives you total freedom. 
  • No frustrating adjustments: just set it and forget it. 
  • Guaranteed to be the most comfortable holster you’ve tried, or your money back: we’re so confident you’ll love the VNSH Holster, we’re offering to refund you every penny if you try it and don’t agree it’s the most comfortable holster you’ve ever owned!

Try it today risk-free and see why thousands of gun owners have made it their #1 holster!

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