Are You Guilty of These 7 Shooter Sins?

Are You Guilty of These 7 Shooter Sins?

Today, we want to talk a little about the 7 Shooter Sins 

These are the biggest mistakes all shooters make at one time or another. 

We see them all the time… 

And if you don’t know what they are – and more importantly, how to fix them – it’s going to severely detract from your ability to carry effectively. 

So without further ado, let’s look at Shooter Sin #1…

Shooter Sin #1: Preparing for Possibilities Instead of Probabilities

We all own guns for one simple reason, which is self-defense. 

But it’s important that we’re honest with ourselves in respect to what kinds of self-defense scenarios we’re actually likely to encounter.

All self-defense scenarios fall into two categories: possibilities and probabilities.

For example… 

Is it a possibility that you’ll have to make a headshot at 50 yards to defend yourself? 

Yes, that’s possible… but it isn’t probable.

The point here is that you should spend the lion’s share of your time preparing for probable scenarios – not just scenarios that are fun to think about but that most likely won’t ever happen. 

Shooter Sin #2: Drilling Your Strengths More Than Your Weaknesses

This one seems pretty obvious, but so many shooters are guilty of it. 

Most people want to spend time doing things they’re good at

And that’s understandable… it’s fun seeing yourself perform well. 

But if you want to be the most effective shooter you can be…

You should really be spending more practice time on your weaknesses than your strengths. 

Maybe you’re great at shooting fast at close range. So that’s what you spend the most time on every time you shoot. 

Meanwhile, your weak-hand shooting might be garbage, so you never put yourself through the frustration of practicing it. 

That’s a mistake.

Sure, it’s a blast to do things you’re awesome at… but you’re cheating yourself out of progress if that’s all you spend your time doing!

Shooter Sin #3: Neglecting Practice On Your Draw

Having a reliable draw and firm firing grip is the foundation of any gun owner’s skillset. 

It’s also one of the most “perishable” skills – meaning it degrades incredibly quickly if you don’t practice it. 

Yet most shooters only spend a fraction of their practice time on it (if they practice it at all).

One of the main reasons for this is that maybe you can only shoot at an indoor range that doesn’t allow you to draw. 

Well, that’s a shame. 

But you can easily unload your gun and get solid practice drawing and dry firing at home. 

There’s really no excuse not to do it. 

And if you don’t, it could put you at a serious disadvantage in the moment it matters most!

Shooter Sin #4: Trying to “Buy” Skill

Look, there’s nothing wrong with buying gear to carry better and be a better shooter. 

There’s plenty of gear out there that will certainly improve your carry experience (and of course, you know the VNSH Holster is guaranteed to do that, or your money back). 


You have to remember that skill is 90% about the shooter – not their gear. 

Sure, you can go out and buy fancy dot sights, laser systems, and stuff like that… 

But your time and money would be better spent on putting rounds through your gun at the range. 

Fancy gear might help give you an extra edge… but that edge isn’t going to do much if your foundational ability is still subpar. 

Like anything, being a good shooter takes time and effort. You can’t buy your way into it. 

Shooter Sin #5: Prioritizing Speed Over Accuracy

When practical shooting started getting popularized in the 70s, the Comstock Scoring System was born. 

If you’re not already familiar with it, the Comstock Scoring System divides your shooting score by time to get a final score. 

Unfortunately, because of the way the system is set up, shooters can actually end up with higher scores based solely on speed – even if they have multiple complete misses. 

Thus the obsession with speed was born. 

If you’re in a competition setting, prioritizing speed over accuracy might be fine. 

But in the real world, it’s all about one thing: putting the bullet where it needs to go. 

Don’t lose sight of that. 

Shooter Sin #6: Tuning Your Guns to Death

Tweaking is fun. We get it. 

Everyone’s always chasing that little bit of extra performance from their guns. 

But sadly, that quest often comes at the cost of reliability. 

And if your gun isn’t reliable, it’s basically an expensive paper weight – because you can’t trust your life with it. 

So before you go swapping out springs and playing doctor with your firearm, ask yourself… 

Are the performance gains I get from this change going to negatively impact reliability? 

If you don’t know, tread very carefully. 

Shooter Sin #7: Treating Your Gun Like a “Lucky Charm” 

If you take on the responsibility of carrying a firearm, you should assume that one day you will indeed be forced to use it.

Surprisingly, that’s not the case for many people. 

They carry their gun like a rabbit’s foot – or some other kind of lucky charm. 

They don’t think they’ll ever actually have to use it… but it feels good to carry around “just in case.” 

Well, news flash… 

If you don’t think you’ll ever have to use your gun… and you think it’ll magically keep you safe just by being on your person.

Then you’re sadly mistaken. 

This mentality leads to all kinds of problems. 

First of all, it keeps people from performing the training they need to shoot effectively. 

After all, why would you train if you think the gun itself is really all you need? 

Secondly, this mindset causes people to carry sloppily – or to carry excessively small firearms – just because they want the easiest carry system they can come up with. 

The Biggest Sin of Them All…

The biggest sin a gun owner can commit above all else is leaving their gun at home because it isn’t comfortable to carry. 

No matter how much training you do… or how confident of a shooter you may be…

Your gun can’t do anything for you if it’s sitting at home. 

That’s the main reason why we built the new VNSH Holster… to let people carry nearly any size gun comfortably – all day, every day. 

It’s guaranteed to be the most comfortable holster you’ve ever worn – or your money back.

Check it out for yourself and see why thousands of gun owners have joined the VNSH family!

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