Is Appendix Carry Really Safe?

Is Appendix Carry Really Safe?

Today we’re going to address one of the most common questions we get at VNSH… 

“Is appendix carry safe?”

Unfortunately, there’s not a super simple answer to this question… 

But there is some good news if you read till the end… 

The Answer: Yes and No

When you appendix carry, it often seems like your gun is pointed right at some of your most sensitive areas. So there’s a lot of concern about an accidental discharge hitting “one of the boys”... or worse, severing your femoral artery and killing you. 

However, the truth is… 

If you’re carrying in the appendix position correctly, the bore of our gun should be pointed right between your legs and straight down.

When done correctly, appendix carry should point the bore of your gun right between your feet – which would mean your legs (femoral arteries) and sensitive bits should be out of the way. 

Yes, there is still a chance in this position that you could graze some important areas in the event of an accidental discharge. 

But here’s the thing…

Other carry positions like 3 o’ clock, 4 o’ clock, or small-of-back really aren’t much better.

If you follow the bore of your gun in any of these positions, you’ll see there’s still gonna be a big problem if your gun goes off in the holster. 

How to Safely Carry In Any Position

The good news is that if you have a quality holster and proper training, the chances of an accidental discharge are very slim. 

The VNSH Holster, for example, has great trigger coverage and a retention system that keeps the gun firmly seated – yet easily deployable. 

But what makes the VNSH Holster really special is that it isn’t just great from a safety and retention standpoint… it’s also insanely comfortable. 

So comfortable, in fact, we guarantee it’ll be comfier than any other holster you’ve tried or your money back.

Try it today and see for yourself!

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