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Cutting-Edge Dry Fire System Maximizes Accuracy With $0.00 Spent On Ammo and 0 Hours At the Range
(Train Like the Pros from the Comfort of Your Living Room!)

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Become An
Insanely Accurate Shooter

(Guaranteed, Or You Don’t Pay a Dime)

Let me ask you something…

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every time you drew and shot your gun, you hit exactly what you were aiming for?

Over and over again…

And with lightning quick speed?

I’m sure you said “YES.”

That’s every shooter’s dream, to be deadly accurate and as fast as a pro.

Anyone can become this good…

The problem is…

1) It’s impossible to find the time to train…
2) And shooting enough to be deadly accurate is crazy expensive!

That’s where the VNSH Laser Strike Training System comes in…

Because with this system in your hands…

You Will Become a Better Shot In Minutes –
Without Spending a Dime On Ammo or Range Time!

The VNSH Laser Strike Training System is a revolutionary dry fire laser training platform that simulates shooting live rounds as closely as possible…

…so you can practice any time, any place, and without spending anything on range time or ammo! 

The Laser Strike System gives you a simple way to supplement your range days with the extra practice you must have to gain maximum accuracy and confidence with your firearm. 

And it also saves you $100s – if not $1,000s – of dollars in the process.

By removing the time and ammo cost of going to the range…

The Laser Strike System gives you an “unfair advantage” to becoming the best shooter possible.

That’s the simple reason why…

1000s and 1000s of Americans Have Used This to Kill Their Bad Shooting Habits… Like a Cheat Code for Better Accuracy and Speed!

What does it take to become the best shooter possible?

It takes thousands of trigger pulls!!

Just listen to World Champion marksman Robert Vogel…

When asked “How often do you dry fire?” he replied…

“In one form or another, just about every day. For sheer skill building I feel it has no equal. For every live round that I actually fire, I probably mimic that round eight to 10 times in dry fire.

See, even the professionals can’t afford to spend countless hours in the range.

And they know dry fire training is the best shortcut to get their volume in.

But the Laser Strike System upgrades traditional dry fire training from a shortcut to a full-on cheat code!

Because instead of just letting you practice your draw, trigger pull, and gun handling… 

The Laser Strike System lets you simulate putting rounds on target with instant feedback!

For anyone who LOVES to shoot… and wants to max out their confidence and accuracy… but just doesn’t have the time, money, and ammo to do it at the range…

The Laser Strike System is a must-have.

Even better though…

The Laser Strike System Is
Stupid-Simple to Use!

Now that you know what the Laser Strike System can do for you…

Let’s take a quick look at how it works.

It’s incredibly easy, and involves just three things: 

  • The Laser Strike Cartridge: Cased with a beautiful graf metal finish, our laser cartridge comes in a caliber of your choosing to fit perfectly in your firearm. It features a soft rubber backing that absorbs the impact of the firing pin and activates the laser with every trigger pull.

  • The Laser Strike Target System: Your Laser Strike comes with three targets and a tripod that function seamlessly with the companion smartphone app.

    Just hang up your target, put your phone on the tripod, do a quick calibration, then start training!

  • The Companion Smartphone App: Available for both Apple and Android phones, the free app that goes with your Laser Strike System offers innovative functionality that detects and records laser hits instantly, giving you additional insight with every shot.

As you can see, the Laser Strike System is unbelievably simple to set up and use.

All said, it takes no more than 5 minutes to get up-and-running anywhere.

But that’s not the only thing that makes it great…

6 Reasons the Laser Strike Will Help You Make the Shot You Can’t Afford to Miss…

You carry a gun for 1 simple reason: to be able to defend your life and the lives of your loved ones.

And if you’re ever forced to deploy your firearm…

You may not have more than a few moments and a single shot to do it effectively. That’s why it’s so critical to achieve the split-second level of accuracy the Laser Strike System can give you!

It lets you finally gain the “second nature” response to reliably draw and put rounds on target without thinking about it one bit.

And it lets you do it far faster than range time with live rounds alone!

That simple fact alone is reason enough to own one, but that’s not the only thing that makes it great:

  • Helps Eliminate “Recoil Flinch”: Recoil itself has zero impact on your accuracy. But your anticipation of recoil can have a serious impact. Since the Laser Strike takes recoil out of the equation, you can train yourself to eliminate the “recoil flinch” that plagues so many shooters.

  • Reduces Firearm Wear-and-Tear: Not only is the Laser Strike guaranteed to be 100% safe for your guns, but it also minimizes overall wear and the frequency with which you need to clean them – since it reduces the amount of live ammo you use.

  • Compatible With a Wide Range of Firearms:  If your gun shoots 9mm, .45mm, .40 S&W, and .380 ACP, then it will work with the Laser Strike. Just be sure to select the appropriate caliber when placing your order. If you don’t see your caliber, just know we plan to add more soon!

  • 100% Safe for Home Use: After ensuring your gun is fully unloaded and contains nothing but the laser cartridge, the Laser Strike lets you safely practice around friends and family with zero worry. 

  • Super Portable: The entire Laser Strike system can fit into any small backpack or gun bag no problem. Take it on vacation, to a friend's house, or just about anywhere.

  • Totally Quiet: There’s never any risk of disturbing your wife, kids, or neighbors, because the Laser Strike lets you practice in total silence!

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As you know, just about everything has shot up in cost over the past several months…

And that includes the price of our supplies too – especially the electronics and laser used in the Laser Strike System.

That said, this is a brand new product for us, and we want to build some excitement around it.

That’s why we’re giving it to you today at the lowest price possible to celebrate its release.

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In the next few weeks or months, you can expect that price to rise at least 20-30%.

Another thing to consider is that inventory is limited, especially depending on the caliber of laser cartridge you need.

If you use a less common caliber your chance to grab a Laser Strike at this price may disappear even faster.

So don’t wait!

Plus, when you grab your VNSH Laser Strike Training System right now, you’ll be doing so 100% zero-risk , because…

We Give You An Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

Our stance on doing business is simple.

You must absolutely love your Laser Strike System.

If not, then we’ll refund you every penny.

It’s that simple.

You have a full 60-days to get it… try it yourself… and see if it’s worth your hard-earned money.

If you decide it’s not…

All you have to do is call or email our US-Based Support Team, and we’ll promptly refund you everything.

We’ll even cover your return shipping if you aren’t absolutely thrilled.

If for any reason you don’t think it is, you get every penny back.

Plus, we also give you a 2-year workmanship guarantee as well!

We know you’ll love the Laser Strike System, which is why we’re happy to extend you this iron-clad guarantee.

So don’t wait any longer!

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Don’t Wait… Leave Now and Your Chance to Lock In Today’s Low Price May Not Come Again!

If you want the fastest, easiest possible way to maximize your accuracy and confidence…

And if you want to save countless hours and hundreds of dollars in range time and ammo costs…

Then you owe it to yourself to grab a VNSH Laser Strike System today!

Plus, you’re getting it risk-free with our 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

So don’t wait!

Grab your Laser Strike System NOW!

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Frequently Answered Questions About the VNSH Laser Strike Training System

Q: What Guns Work With This System?

A: Right now, the Laser Strike is available in the following calibers: 9mm, .45mm, .40 S&W, and .380 ACP. If you don’t see your caliber, just know we plan on adding more very soon!

A: No! This is a huge myth. The effectiveness of dry fire training lies in the fact that recoil isn’t connected to the accuracy of your shot. Since the gun doesn’t kick until the bullet has exited the barrel, your precision and aim alone are what dictate accuracy.

In fact, dry fire training serves as an outstanding tool to conquer the flinching or preemption of recoil. By practicing without the recoil, you condition yourself NOT to expect it. As a result, you can hone your skills in sight alignment, trigger control, proper breathing, and even overcome the anticipation of recoil all through dry fire exercises.

A: The Laser Strike is intended for use at a minimum of 5 yards, but the laser can be shot up to 100 yards. So it’s easy to use in tight spaces or at longer distances. Keep in mind though, it’s designed for indoor use.

A: Yes, the smartphone app needed to use the Laser Strike System is available for all Apple and Android phones.

A: Single and double action weapons can “fire” the Laser Strike cartridge without any racking. If you use a Glock or 1911 firearm, racking will be required between each shot; this is also true for all other firearms.