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Insanely Comfy Holster Makes Any Semi-Auto (Plus 2 Extra Mags) Disappear In Plain Sight Even If You Wear Nothing But Gym Shorts, Sweatpants and T-Shirts!

Guaranteed Comfort Or 100% Of Your Money Back!

94,595 Americans Have Trusted Us to Give Them The MOST Comfortable Holster They’ve Ever Worn

The VNSH Holster is rapidly becoming one of America’s best-selling holsters… and for good reason too!

It’s GUARANTEED to be the most comfortable holster you’ll ever wear - or you get 100% of your money back! Try it for 60 days, and if you don’t like it for any reason, let us know and we’ll give you every penny back.

The reason for it’s insane comfort? The materials. We combined the rugged 1000D Cordura with a stretchy ‘yoga pant’ fabric that is not only built to last for years, but also feels like silk boxers on your skin.

Even better, these sweat-wicking materials do NOT retain sweat or odor, so you can carry comfortably all day without getting sticky or slimy.

You can wear this holster with ANY clothing. That’s because our specially designed, built in waistband simply goes around your torso like a belt, and doesn’t need hooks, clips, or a tactical belt to wear.

This means you can wear this holster with a business suit, sweat suit, or swim suit… or even just your birthday suit.

But where it really excels (and where most other holsters fail miserably) is that it helps you carry anywhere while having the ability to carry 2 additional mags.

Perhaps the best thing of all is this holster will fit 99% of all brands, types, and styles of semi autos.

And our unique design ensures your concealed carry device “Vanishes” against your body, making it virtually invisible to others.

It’s why we named it the VNSH Holster!

How many other holsters can do all that? The answer is ZERO.

Now it’s obvious we’d be saying this. But take a look at what some of our thousands upon thousands of customers say about our holster.

60 Days to Try It Yourself… Love It Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!

Seriously, This Holster Works With 99.9% of Single Semi-Automatic Pistols On the Planet

Our holster design means that regardless of what pistol you own… it will help you safely and comfortably carry it.

No more needing to buy multiple holsters for all your pistols.

Plus, since it has 2-built in mag pouches, now you don’t need to spend extra money on mag pouches to guarantee you’re never out of the fight.

Take a look at the list of brands our holster works with and then grab yours before the price goes up!

60 Days to Try It Yourself… Love It Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!

Don’t Let An Uncomfortable Holster Be The 
Reason You’re Unarmed When Bad Guys Attack

The vast majority of gun owners don’t carry their gun daily for 1 simple reason.

They don’t like how their holster feels.

The good news is that the VNSH Holster is made for all day wear… and owning it is the #1 thing you can do to ensure you’re always ready to defend yourself and your family.

The VNSH holster is superior to leather and kydex.

Where kydex can be rigid and uncomfortable… and leather is sweaty and sticky, the VNSH holster is ultra-comfortable because it uses a custom blend of sweat-wicking fabrics that we call "yoga pant" fabric to help you stay cool and dry in the nastiest environments.

Not to mention the waist band is made from a crazy comfy velcro that will not snag on shirts, waistbands and the like.

And because of its unique no-clip, no hook design, you can comfortably configure the holster any which way you want.

Want to carry at 3 o’clock? Go for it.

Like pure appendix carry? That’s easy.

Does carrying in the small of your back suit you best? Well, it works there too.

You can even carry it up high on your chest or side thanks to the adjustable strap (which extends up to 48 inches and 68 inches with our extension strap).

Also, we combined that awesome "yoga pant" fabric with rugged 1000D Cordura so it will withstand years and years of abuse without showing a sign of distress.

And best of all it features an enhanced trigger guard. Yes, it’s true, the VNSH holster is the only bellyband on the planet with a dedicated trigger guard built in. A solid but flexible piece of .7mm plastic resits in the custom-built holster to prevent anything from accidentally causing a negligent discharge.

Not to mention the retention is rock-solid… but still incredibly easy to draw. Never fear that your gun will fall out, or that a criminal will be able to disarm you.

60 Days to Try It Yourself… Love It Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!

*This is for demonstration purposes only, we are not licensed to sell weapons. Gun not included with holster.

Claim Your VNSH Holster for the Lowest Price It Will Ever Be Sold

As you know, just about everything has gotten more expensive in the past couple years.

That also includes the cost of our materials and labor.


Instead of using inflation as an excuse to jack up prices…

We’ve actually reduced the price of the VNSH Holster since it first launched – to make it as affordable as possible for any American who’s serious about carrying daily.

That’s the whole point of this holster… to never have an excuse not to carry!

Because we believe that more Americans carrying equals a safer America.


That’s why we’ve done everything in our power to get the price of this holster as low as possible.

When the VNSH Holster first launched, it sold for as much as $130…

But today, we can offer it to you for just $79.97.

This is an incredible price when you consider similar holsters that only fit 1 gun and can’t carry space mags cost $90-$125.

And we’re so confident you’re going to instantly fall in love with the VNSH holster… that we offer not just 1, but 2 rock-solid guarantees.

Guarantee #1 - 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee #1 - 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We know you’re going to love the VNSH Holster.

But if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, maybe you don’t like the fact it only comes in black, or your wife thinks velcro sounds weird…

Just let us know within 60 days of your purchase and we’ll give you every single penny back!

Guarantee #2 - Two-Year Product Quality Guarantee

Guarantee #2 - Two-Year Product Quality Guarantee

We stand behind the workmanship of our products.

Which is why we offer a 2-year product quality guarantee. If anything on your holster malfunctions let us know and we’ll fix it, or replace it, all 100% Free!

Don’t Wait! The World Isn’t Getting Any Safer… (and prices will never be lower than today)

The best day to prepare for the worst was yesterday. The next best day is today.

So if you’ve been dreading carrying your gun because it’s just too dang uncomfortable..

Right now is the best time to fix that problem – so you can maximize the odds you always make it home safe every time you walk out the door.

Plus, like we said…

We’ve done everything we can to make the price of the VNSH Holster as low as it will EVER be for you today.

And while it may not go down, there is always a chance it will go up.

Maybe not by a lot, but who wants to pay more – even just a little more?

If you care about keeping yourself and your family safe… and you appreciate getting the best deal possible…

Then you owe it to yourself to get the VNSH Holster NOW!

60 Days to Try It Yourself… Love It Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!

60 Days to Try It Yourself… Love It Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!

Q: Does this come in right-handed and left-handed configurations?

A: No, the VNSH holster is a true ambidextrous holster.

A: Depending on the light or sight you are using it may fit. Smaller lights and lasers do fit with most compact and some full-size guns. You can safely purchase the holster and if it doesn’t work for your setup we’ll give you a prepaid return label for a full refund.

A: The holster will fit most compact revolvers but we don't have an exhaustive list of which revolvers do and don't fit.

A: NO! The holster has a built in Waist Band. It secures around your waist with built-in, high quality molded velcro. You do not need a belt... or anything else for that matter. You could even wear it naked if you wanted too. ;)

A: Yes, all semi-automatic firearms fit. In fact, that is what our design is specifically set for. This is the only holster on the market that will fit any semi-automatic firearm. The exception is the C.O.R.E. series from Smith and Wesson.

A: Yes, all magazines for all semi-automatics will fit in any or all of the two magazine pouches.

A: In most cases no, though some smaller, sub-compact weapons may work with a slide-mounted optic. If you want to try the holster out with your optic and it doesn’t work, please remember we offer an any-reason return policy for the first 60-days you own the holster.

60 Days to Try It Yourself… Love It Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!