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Introducing the NEW VNSH Shadow Gun Magnet!

A Game-Changer for Any Responsible Gun Owner Who Values Quick, Secure Access to Their Firearms

Whether You’re At Home, In the Car, Behind Your Desk, Or Anywhere…

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With the VNSH Gun Magnet You’ll Be Able to Chamber a Round, Draw, and Fire In Under 1.5 Seconds…

If you’re faced with a potentially deadly threat while you’re in the car, behind your desk, or anywhere you’re sitting down…

Drawing from a concealed holster wastes precious time you don’t have to lose.

The VNSH Shadow Gun magnet gives you that time back so you can know for certain that nothing will get in the way of defending yourself when it matters most.

With the Shadow Gun Magnet you’ll have no issue getting your gun into the fight in less than 1.5 seconds.

Keeping you and your family safe from anyone dumb enough to attack you.

Limited Time: Special Home, Office, & Car Bundle Packages Available With FREE Shipping!

5 Reasons to Grab a VNSH Shadow Gun Magnet NOW!

The simple fact that the Shadow Gun Magnet lets you load and deploy your firearm in seconds while you’re sitting in the car, at your desk, or anywhere in your home should be enough to justify owning one.

However, that’s not all that makes it one of the smartest ways to keep your gun at the ready when it’s not holstered on your person…

  • Ultra Strong, Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet: We searched for the most powerful possible magnet to utilize in this mount. It’ll hold up to 45lbs with ease, which means it’ll keep any of your guns 100% secure (even over the bumpiest roads).

  • Holds Your Loaded Gun, Plus An Extra Mag : Depending on your mag size, this mount lets you be ready with up to 31 rounds (or more) of 9mm ammo!

  • Won’t Ever Scratch Your Guns: The Shadow Gun Magnet is coated with a unique compound that keeps your guns safe and pristine, even when rapidly cocking and drawing.

  • Compatible With a Wide Range of Sights: our magnet is designed to work with virtually any weapon-mounted sights, lights, and other accessories. As long as it isn’t mounted to the top of the gun, it’ll work with this magnet!

  • 2 Super Easy Mounting Options: You can mount the Shadow Gun Magnet in seconds on any clean, totally flat surface using the included ultra-strong mounting tape. But you’ll also get 6 screws if you need to mount on a more irregular surface, or if you know you’ll never want to move your magnet.

Limited Time: Special Home, Office, & Car Bundle Packages Available With FREE Shipping!

What Buyers Are Saying About the Shadow Gun Magnet

★★★★★ Ready When You Are!

I have one mounted just inside the coat near the front door so that a quick response can be initiated in case of an emergency.


I am thrilled to have the Shadow Gun Magnet that keeps my weapon at the ready without having a round chambered. Until I want it chambered. Not having to rack the weapon in the "normal" fashion is a blessing for me. I'm recovering from chemo and the side effects of cancer, such as loss of strength and dexterity. The Shadow Gun Magnet gives me the strength to rack in far less time that it would otherwise take me. It's a blessing for me.

★★★★★ My Family and I are Now Safer

We are living in very dangerous times. Attacks on the street happen every day. You need to be ready quickly if it happens to you. That's why I purchased three. They have all been installed inside my vehicles for quick access to my firearm if needed. Having you weapon in a holster with your seat belt on will not give you enough time to unholster and defend yourself if attacked. With your weapon on the magnet, you are ready to defend yourself and the occupants if needed. I'm glad I bought them. The quality is excellent, too. Money well spent! Thanks, VNSH.

Whenever Your Gun Isn’t In Its Holster –
Keep It In THIS!

The VNSH Shadow Gun Magnet is one of the best pieces of gear you could ever own for immediate access to your firearm.

When your gun isn’t on your person, it should be securely stored in the VNSH Shadow Gun Magnet because...

It lets you easily mount your gun just about anywhere you want so it’s deployable in seconds.

It’s the perfect piece of gear to secure your firearm when you’re sitting in the car… working at the office… or even just when you’re sitting on the couch at home.

And the reason why is simple…

It’s because…

Works With 99% of Modern Handguns and
Quickly Gets You In the Fight No Matter Where You Are!

The unique design of our magnetic holster means it works flawlessly regardless of what pistol you own…

On top of that, it also easily accommodates any weapon-mounted lights or optics!

Plus, it also has a separate magnetic slot to hold an extra magazine – so you can have 31 rounds waiting at your fingertips (or more, depending on your mag size).

If you own any modern, flat-top handgun, there’s really no better way to mount it for instant access than the VNSH Shadow Gun Magnet.

Take a look at the list of brands it works with and then grab yours before prices go up!

Limited Time: Special Home, Office, & Car Bundle Packages Available With FREE Shipping!

Grab Your VNSH Shadow Gun Magnet Before Prices Go Up

As you know, just about everything has shot up in cost over the past several months…

And that includes the price of our supplies too – especially the powerful magnets and non-scratch material used for the Shadow Gun Magnet.

So in the next few weeks or months, we may need to raise prices on these to keep our business viable.

When we do that, you can expect these magnets to sell anywhere between $60-70.

Thankfully, for today… we can keep offering the same low price we’ve had on the Shadow Gun Magnet since we launched it.

And if you act now, you can get one for just $40 and with FREE Shipping!

Plus, when you grab your VNSH Shadow Gun Magnet right now, you’ll be doing so 100% zero-risk, because…

It Works & You'll Love It or 100% or Money Back

If you aren’t sure if your gun will fit, you’re covered by our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and our 2-Year Workmanship Guarantee if any issues arise.

All you have to do is call or email our US-Based Support Team, and we’ll promptly refund you everything.

We’ll even cover your return shipping if you aren’t absolutely thrilled.

You have a full 60-days to get the Shadow Gun Magnet… try it yourself… and see if it’s worth your hard-earned money.

Plus, we also give you a 2-year workmanship guarantee as well!

We know you’ll love the Shadow Gun Magnet, which is why we’re happy to extend you this iron-clad guarantee.

So don’t wait any longer!

Grab your Shadow Gun Magnet NOW!

Guarantee #1 - 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t Wait - Leave Now and Your Chance to Lock In This Low Price May Not Come Again!

If you want the fastest, easiest possible way to deploy your weapon whenever it’s not on your person…

And you want to never have to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to get to your gun when you need it most…

Then you owe it to yourself to grab a VNSH Shadow Gun Magnet today!

Limited Time: Special Home, Office, & Car Bundle Packages Available With FREE Shipping!

Frequently Answered Questions About the VNSH Shadow Gun Magnet

Q: What Guns Work With This Magnet?

A: The Shadow Gun Magnet works with 99% of all flat-top modern handguns. And if you find it doesn’t work flawlessly with your gun, you’re covered by our 1-year, money-back guarantee (we’ll even pay your return shipping!)

A: NEVER! The Shadow Gun Magnet uses a special scratch-proof coating that keeps your guns safe from any harmful abrasion.

A: While we do include mounting screws for those who want to mount this magnet in a permanent location (and for those who want maximum mounting strength), we also include super strong 3M mounting tape that works on just about any surface. Most people find this tape to be more than enough to keep the magnet secure.

A: The Shadow Gun Magnet works with any weapon-mounted optics or lights. However, it will not work with any slide-mounted accessories, since that’s where the gun attaches to the magnet itself.