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Carry Even MORE Ammo and Reload Lightning Fast With the VNSH Support-Side Mag Pouch…

Why Adding This to Your CCW Rig Lets You Be Ready for Anything…

Let’s be honest, there's never such a thing as too much ammo.

And if you own a VNSH holster, you’re already aware it’s a leader in its class with how many rounds it lets you carry.

But what if you want to add even more ammo … or use the pockets on your VNSH holster for a knife or light?

Or maybe you want to reload from your support side, not your strong side.

That’s why we made the VNSH Support-Side Mag Pouch.

Not only does it let you carry an absolutely massive load of ammo…

But it also prevents you from having to reach across your body to reload – saving you precious time in a conflict and preserving your stance.

There’s no two ways about it.

This support-side mag pouch is perfect for anyone who wants to…

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Carry the Most Ammo Possible and Reload Faster to Maximize Your Defensive Capability

With today’s huge increase in mass shootings, it’s not a bad idea to have as much ammo as possible if you’re unlucky enough to get caught in such a terrible situation.

Maybe you need to lay down cover fire to help yourself or others flee to safety…

Or maybe you just want to go about your day-to-day life never having to worry that you’ll be left stranded and ammoless when you need it most.

No matter how you slice it… as long as you don’t mind carrying it, there’s really no downside to packing extra ammo.

And our support-side pouch gives you an extra layer of protection … by letting you carry an additional 30 rounds of ammo (or more, depending on your specific setup).

And like we said… it also reduces your reload time considerably.

If you want to maximize your defensive capabilities and be ready for anything, then the VNSH Support-Side Mag Pouch is exactly what you want.

In Stock Now and Ships FREE!

5 Reasons to Grab a VNSH Support-Side Mag Pouch NOW!

The simple fact that the VNSH Support-Side Mag Pouch lets you conceal an absurd amount of ammo wherever you go… while also making it lightning-fast to reload in a confrontation… should be more than enough to justify owning one.

However, that’s not all that makes it one of the smartest ways to add extra ammo to your carry setup…

  • Ultra Durable 1000D Cordura:  We made this mag pouch with the same bombproof material as our flagship VNSH Holster, so you can count on it lasting you a lifetime.

  • Fits 99% of All Modern Handgun Magazines:  Thanks to its universal fit design, this pouch will easily hold just about any magazines in your arsenal.

  • Perfect for Other EDC Too:  The two compartments in this pouch will perfectly accommodate a flashlight, knife, or other daily carry items – whenever you don’t feel the need to be strapped to the gills. ;)

  • Preserves Your Stance and Accuracy Under Stress:  If you’re engaged in a conflict, the last thing you want to do is reach across your body to reload. Carrying with this mag pouch means you’ll never have to worry about doing that!

  • Super Solid Retention + Instant Access:  The unique elasticity of the individual pouches will hold any magazine secure regardless of what you’re doing, but the open design lets you get to them instantly when needed.

If you carry regularly…

And if your top priority is to be the best protector for yourself and others that you possibly can be…

Then there’s simply no reason not to own a VNSH Support-Side Mag Pouch.

And right now is the best time to snag one, because…

In Stock Now and Ships FREE!

New Product Launch Pricing Is Still In Effect!
Grab Your Support-Side Mag Pouch NOW

As you know, just about everything has shot up in cost over the past several months…

And that includes the price of our supplies too – especially the ultra premium, 1000 thread-count Cordura we use to make our holsters and mag pouches.

So in the next few weeks or months, we may need to raise prices on these to keep our business viable.

When we do that, you can expect the price of this pouch to jump at least 20-30%.

Thankfully, for today… we can keep offering the same low price we’ve had on the VNSH Support-Side Mag Pouch since we launched it.

And if you act now, you can get one for just $25.97.

Plus, when you grab yours right now, you’ll be doing so 100% risk-free, because…

We Give You An Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

Our stance on doing business is simple.

You must absolutely love your Shadow Gun Magnet.

If not, then we’ll refund you every penny.

It’s that simple.

You have a full 60 days to try it out and see if it’s worth your hard earned money…

If you decide it’s not…

All you have to do is call or email our US-Based Support Team, and we’ll promptly refund you everything.

You’re also covered by a 2-year materials and workmanship guarantee!

We know you’ll love this mag pouch (and the peace of mind it gives you), which is why we’re happy to extend you this iron-clad guarantee.

So don’t wait any longer!

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Guarantee #1 - 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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If you want to carry with the absolute most firepower possible…

And if you want to have life-saving speed on your reload time in the heat of a conflict…

Then you owe it to yourself to grab a VNSH Support-Side Mag Pouch today!

Like we said…

There are no promises on how long today’s low, new product launch price will last…

If you come back tomorrow or next week, it may not be here any longer.

Plus, your purchase today is 100% risk-free since you’re covered by our 60-day, money-back guarantee.

So don’t wait!

Grab your VNSH Support-Side Mag Pouch NOW!

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