This Is the LAST Holster You’ll Ever Buy

The VNSH holster is the last holster you’ll ever buy

We made it for all day carry, which means our premium materials won’t stick, sweat, get slimy, or poke and prod.

Plus, you can use it to carry multiple positions. Appendix, 3-oclock, cross-draw and more!

Best of all, you can wear it with absolutely any clothing thanks to the built-in belt!

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Q: What Guns Work With This Magnet?

A: The Shadow Gun Magnet works with 99% of all flat-top modern handguns. And if you find it doesn’t work flawlessly with your gun, you’re covered by our 1-year, money-back guarantee (we’ll even pay your return shipping!)

A: NEVER! The Shadow Gun Magnet uses a special scratch-proof coating that keeps your guns safe from any harmful abrasion.

A: While we do include mounting screws for those who want to mount this magnet in a permanent location (and for those who want maximum mounting strength), we also include super strong 3M mounting tape that works on just about any surface. Most people find this tape to be more than enough to keep the magnet secure.

A: The Shadow Gun Magnet works with any weapon-mounted optics or lights. However, it will not work with any slide-mounted accessories, since that’s where the gun attaches to the magnet itself.

Q: Does this come in right-handed and left-handed configurations?

A: No, the VNSH holster is a true ambidextrous holster.

A: Depending on the light or sight you are using it may fit. You can safely purchase the holster and if it doesn’t work for your setup, we’ll give you a prepaid return label for a full refund.

A: This holster is designed to accommodate most types, styles, and brands, but we don’t have an exhaustive list of which work and don’t work. You can safely purchase the holster and if it doesn’t fit, we’ll give you a prepaid return label for a full refund.

A: NO! The holster has a built in Waist Band. It secures around your waist with built-in, high quality molded velcro. You do not need a belt... or anything else for that matter. You could even wear it naked if you wanted too. ;)

A: Yes, all magazines for all semi-autos will fit in any or all of the two magazine pouches.

A: In most cases no, though some smaller, sub-compact weapons may work with a slide-mounted optic. If you want to try the holster out with your optic and it doesn’t work, please remember we offer an any-reason return policy for the first 60-days you own the holster.

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