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New Holster Makes Any Semi-Automatic Pistol Virtually Invisible And Comfortably Carries 2 Spare Magazines - No Matter What Kind of Pants... Shorts… (or skirt for the ladies) You’re Wearing!

URGENT: Because of Inflation, Prices Will Be Going Up Soon! Lock In Your Special Pricing Now!

34,131 Americans Have Trusted Us This Year to Give Them the MOST Comfortable Holster You’ll Ever Own”

The VNSH Holster is rapidly becoming one of America’s best-selling holsters… and for good reason too!

The VNSH holster is the most comfortable holster you will EVER wear, and works with any clothing imaginable.

That’s because the built in waistband simply goes around your torso like a belt, and doesn’t need to hook or clip to your pants or belt.

And its design practically guarantees you will not print, which makes your gun virtually invisible to others.

But where it really excels (and where most other holsters fail miserably) is that it helps you carry your gun anywhere while packing a full load out of 2 backup magazines.

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But, perhaps the best thing of all is this holster will work with 99.9% of all semi-automatic pistols... as well as most revolvers.

How many other holsters can do all that? The answer is ZERO.

Seriously, This Holster Works With 99.9% of Single Semi-Automatic Pistols On the Planet

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Our holster design means that regardless of what pistol you own… it will help you safely and comfortably carry it.

No more needing to buy multiple holsters for all your pistols.

Plus, since it has 2-built in mag pouches, now you don’t need to spend extra money on mag pouches to guarantee you’re never out of the fight.

Take a look at the list of brands our holster works with and then grab yours before the price goes up!

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Don’t Let An Uncomfortable Holster Be The Reason You’re Unarmed When Bad Guys Attack

The vast majority of gun owners don’t carry their gun daily for 1 simple reason.

They don’t like how their holster feels.

The good news is that the VNSH Holster is made for all day wear… and owning it is the #1 thing you can do to ensure you’re always ready to defend yourself and your family.

The VNSH holster is superior to leather and kydex.

Where kydex can be rigid and uncomfortable… and leather is sweaty and sticky, the VNSH holster is ultra-comfortable because it uses sweat-wicking uses a custom blend of sweat-wicking fabrics that we call "yoga pant" fabric to help you stay cool and dry in the nastiest environments.

Not to mention the waist band is made from a crazy comfy velcro that will not snag on shirts, waistbands and the like.

And because of its unique no-clip, no hook design, you can comfortably configure the holster any which way you want.

Want to carry at 3 o’clock? Go for it.

Like pure appendix carry? That’s easy.

Does carrying in the small of your back suit you best? Well, it works there too.

You can even carry it up high on your chest or side thanks to the adjustable strap (which extends up to 48 inches and 68 inches with our extension strap).

Also, we combined that awesome "yoga pant" fabric with rugged 1000D Cordura so it will withstand years and years of abuse without showing a sign of distress.

Not to mention the retention is rock-solid… but still incredibly easy to draw. Never fear that your gun will fall out, or that a criminal will be able to disarm you.

VNSH Holster image 3

*This is for demonstration purposes only, we are not licensed to sell weapons. Gun not included with holster.

Claim Your VNSH Holster Before Prices Go Up

As you know, just about everything has gotten more expensive in the past few months.

That means the price of our supplies have gone up too.

So in the next few weeks or months we’re going to have to raise prices so we don’t lose money on every sale we make!

But, for the time being, we can offer you a VNSH Holster for the ultra-low price of $89.97.

This is an incredible price when you consider that similar holsters that only fit 1 gun and can’t carry spare magazines cost $90-$125.

Plus, the VNSH Holster is 100% Designed in the USA…

This isn’t some junk sold on Wish that we’re reselling.

Every stitch is hand-woven by people who love freedom as much as you.

Money back guarantee

Guarantee #1 - 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We know you’re going to love the VNSH Holster.

But if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, maybe you don’t like the fact it only comes in black, or your wife thinks velcro sounds weird…

Just let us know within 60 days of your purchase and we’ll give you every single penny back!

2 yr warranty

Guarantee #2 - Two-Year Product Quality Guarantee

We stand behind the workmanship of our products.

Which is why we offer a 2-year product quality guarantee. If anything on your holster malfunctions let us know and we’ll fix it, or replace it, all 100% Free!

Don’t Wait - Leave Now and Your Chance to Lock In This Low Price Could Be Gone Forever!

If you want to carry so you can keep your friends and family safe.

And you don’t want an uncomfortable holster getting in the way of your desire to always be ready…

Then you owe it to yourself to get the VNSH Holster Today!

Don’t go another day without using this holster...and don’t miss out on a chance to get yours while it’s still at this low price!


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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