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VNSH MagMate

VNSH MagMate

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If the ammo pouches in your VNSH Holster are already full, but you still want to carry more ammo… the Mag Mate gives you a quick, easy, and incredibly comfortable way to do it - no bulky pouches required. Fits 99% of all magazines and clips right inside any pocket!
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The Easiest, Comfiest (and Most Discreet) Way to Carry Extra Ammo

Carrying extra ammo is great… but doing it without making your setup feel clunky and cumbersome is tough. The Mag Mate makes it unbelievably easy and comfortable with a unique featherweight design with just enough material to hold your mag and nothing more. Plus, it makes your spare mag look like nothing but a pocket knife or flashlight sitting in your pocket.

Rock Solid Retention + Easy Access

With a customizable fitment system, the Mag Mate strikes a perfect balance between retention and access. You can adjust every aspect of how the Mag Mate holds your backup mag – from the depth it sits in your pocket to the strength of the retention.

Full Money-Back Guarantee - Try It 60 Days, Risk-Free

Just like everything we sell, we guarantee you’ll love your VNSH Mag Mate or you won’t pay a dime. Try it yourself for a full 60 days, and if you don’t think it’s worth your hard-earned cash just contact our US-Based Support Team and we’ll issue a prompt, no-hassle refund.

  • Specifications

    Material: Carbon Fiber/Velcro
    Mag Capacity: 1

  • Features

    1. Works With Virtually Any Semi-Auto Mag
    2. Customizable Fit and Retention
    3. Easily Hides Your Backup Mag Right In Your Pocket